No Standard in Beauty

Beauty has been embodied and we no longer argue how it should be define. Just like breathing, its the core of our existence and we no longer need to waste our time arguing “hows the correct way to breath?”. We live with it. We just do. But we’ve been more that just our breath, or even the concept of “breathing” at all. We are everything we want to be.

Mad For Lipstick

We believe there is no standard in beautyso we focus on creating a lip cosmetics line that allows you to be your authentic self. Since lipstick stand as a make-up statement, our focus will let women soar, become whoever they want to be, and to do whatever they proud to do. Women would loudly say, “this is ME“.


We want to change a perspective about real beauty which we believe came from a positive relationship between a person and their personality. We want to encourage women everywhere to raise their self-esteem and make the best of their character.